The Internet revolution has opened the door to millions of end users, exposing Web sites, valuable corporate information, mission-critical business applications, and consumers' private information to more risk than ever before. As corporations move ever more corporate data to central servers and intensify the use of the Internet to allow for more efficient business processes, they become increasingly vulnerable to malicious attacks.

Hackers gaining access to companies systems via the Internet, or people within the organization obtaining unauthorized access to company data and applications, are the order of the day. Worse still, these attacks are increasing at an alarming rate, and because of an organization's increased reliance on the Internet and new business apps, the corresponding downtime cost and information security loss is becoming enormous. Check out this website for more infor mation about internet .

To protect your company's network against data loss/theft and network downtime, you need to install a range of network security products. Besides a firewall, you will need an intrusion detection tool, content filtering of email, web and FTP, and security scanning and reporting of your network. GFI delivers on this with its LANguard suite of network security products:

LANguard Content Filtering & Anti-Virus for ISA server
Provides content checking and anti-virus of HTTP and FTP downloads and browsing. LANguard will check inbound traffic for viruses, malicious scripts and objectionable material. It also permits quarantining of downloads for approval. In addition, LANguard content filtering allows you to set up rules that can stop unproductive use of the Internet at the workplace.

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